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About Us

Laser hair removal experts

The LaserDerm clinic is a family owned business that is focused on providing its clients with the best results by using the finest technology operated by the most professional staff.

Since opening its Canterbury branch in 2004, thousands of clients have experienced The LaserDerm difference.

Sylvie Moawad is the practice manager of The LaserDerm Clinic and oversees its day to day operations. Having experienced laser hair removal from its inception as a far more expensive and slower form of treatment, it wasn't until the early 2000s that the right technology that balanced client comfort, precision and cost-effectiveness was able to be put to use. That was when The LaserDerm Clinic was born.

Together with her siblings who are involved in the running of the business and have varied backgrounds (from the legal to corporate worlds), laser hair removal is a source of passion for the owners. As Sylvie says:

“The Candela GentleLase Pro is the most effective laser on the market and that's why it's the only one we use. Our staff are highly trained laser therapists whose sole focus is to zap those hairs away and their dedication is often commented on by our clients. We have loved every minute of helping the thousands of clients that have come to our clinic achieve incredible results”