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Laser hair removal experts

At the Sydney LaserDerm Clinic, our fully qualified laser hair removal therapists have years of experience in providing you with the safest, most effective and friendly service in a professional and comfortable environment. Our laser hair removal treatment uses the latest GentleLase Pro technology, which results in the most effective removal of unwanted hair while being gentle on your skin.

The GentleLase is a medical grade laser, unlike an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine. Since lasers deliver light at one specific wavelength, that which is most specific for hair, the energy that can be used is much more effective in destroying the hair follicle. IPL machines deliver a wide range of wavelengths and are more likely to damage skin at higher energy levels.

You will therefore be more effectively treated per session with a Gentlelase laser than an IPL machine and will need fewer sessions than with other laser equivalents.