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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal experts

1. How does laser hair removal work?

The GentleLase system works on pigment in the hair. It utilizes a long pulse high-energy Alexandrite laser. This laser emits a gentle beam of light which passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle. Once absorbed, the laser energy transforms to heat and destroys the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding skin.

2. How long does treatment take?

Treatments can take anywhere from five to sixty minutes. Underarms and upper lip usually take 5 minutes, a braziian and underarms 5 minutes, lower legs including the knee 30 minutes , lower arms 10 minutes and a man’s chest 20 to 30 minutes ($150). Men’s backs can be treated anywhere from thirty minutes to sixty minutes depending on the density of hair and size of area.

3. What is the cost involved?

Treatments are charged at $59 for 5 minutes.

4. Will laser hair removal treatment hurt?

This depends on the area being treated and the sensitivity of the client. The GentleLase System is used in conjunction with a Dynamic Cooling Device which cools the upper layers of the skin. Clients have the additional option of using a Cryo 5 device which blows cold air onto the skin, further reducing any discomfort and thermal injury. If the process is too painful, the numbing cream "Emla" can be purchased from the pharmacist and applied one hour prior to treatment.

5. How many treatment sessions will I require?

The number of treatments depends on the area being treated. Skin and hair colour as well as hormones can influence the density and strength of hair follicles. The face, nipples, stomach, upper back and back of thighs are all hormonal areas and are therefore ongoing. The hairs will however be weaker and sparser. For bikini, underarms, lower legs and lower arms, great results can be expected after eight treatments in most cases. Each treatment session will impact on overall hair reduction and lengthen the time between treatments.

6. Any special preparation required?

Yes, you need to:

  • Stay out the sun or solarium for two weeks prior to treatment
  • Do not use fake tan or wear make-up to your treatment
  • Tell us about any permanent make-up, moles or tattoos you have
  • Keep hairs short prior to treatment (about 1mm) but do not shave or clip back facial hair
  • Protect skin with SPF 30+ sunscreen when outdoors

7. What happens after my treatment?

It can take two to three weeks after treatment for hairs to fall out. Sometimes burnt hair follicles will appear as a black dot under the skin. These will clear in a short period of time or can be gently exfoliated. Re-growth will be visibly thinner, weaker and not prone to becoming ingrown. You should stay out of the sun as changes in pigmentation can interfere with the treatment process and possibly cause burn marks. The use of SPF 30+ sunscreen should be viewed as part of your ongoing treatment program.