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Pre and Post Treatment

Laser hair removal experts

It is important to ensure that you prepare for your laser hair removal treatment in the best possible way to achieve optimal results.

Although the hair must not be waxed or tweezed before treatment, if the hairs are too long, the treatment will not be as effective as the energy is dispersed along the whole hair rather than being absorbed by the hair follicle. Accordingly, hairs should be visible but very short. Bleach should not be used prior to treatment as the laser will not work on any hair without pigment.

Hairs that have been treated can take two to three weeks before falling out. Black dots may appear which are simply lasered hair follicles sitting underneath the skin. These will clear up with the natural process of the skin pushing the hair to the surface. Exfoliating after treatment will help this process.

You should avoid sun exposure and/or the use of a solarium before your treatment as tanning (including fake tanning) can interfere with the treatment process. The use of SPF 30+ sunscreen should be viewed as part of your ongoing treatment program.