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Technology Used

Laser hair removal experts

The GentleLase technology results in the most effective removal of unwanted hair and the most precise and gentle treatment for your skin. It utilizes a long pulse high-energy Alexandrite laser which emits wavelengths of light that are absorbed by pigment in the hair.

Once absorbed, the laser energy transforms to heat and destroys the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding skin. Laser light is one pure colour (monochromatic), slow to diverge (collimated) and totally reinforcing (coherent) which makes it very powerful as 100% of the light is used in the treatment of hair reduction. At the LaserDerm Clinic we do not use IPL as it is not monochromatic, collimated or coherent.

The GentleLase system is used in conjunction with a Dynamic Cooling Device which cools the upper layers of the skin. An additional skin cooling system (Cryo 6) is used in conjunction with the laser to provide optimal patient comfort.